New Zealand Meat Board has 10 Directors, in accordance with its constitution. Registered livestock farmers – representing three electorates in the North Island and three in the South Island – appoint six directors. Their terms are for three years and elections are rotated. Two directors are elected to represent the interests of meat processors and exporters. A further two are appointed by the Government.  


Andrew Morrison

Chairperson and Southern South Island Farmer Director

Martin Coup

Northern North Island Farmer Director

Scott Gower

Western North Island Farmer Director

George Tatham

Eastern North Island Farmer Director

Kate Acland

Northern South Island Farmer Director

Nicky Hyslop

Central South Island Farmer Director

Alex Guilleux

Processor-Exporter Appointee

David Surveyor

Processor-Exporter Appointee

Sarah Paterson

Government Appointee

David Walker

Government Appointee